One thing need to be fixed asap

Special teams. 3 or 4 penalties for improper alignment on punts? Geez that should be corrected on sideline after first one. Another blocked punt. Fumbled snap on extra point. Fountain ain’t earning his keep right no. Actually cost us the game. Cudos to the kids for coming back only to get screwed. Some official should be fired. Sec office in Alabama. Wonder who they protect. In fact it was a Bama grad that gave us Georgia and Florida. Time to call the sec out.

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It’s inexcusable to have 3 illegal formation penalties on punts.

Yes, the SEC should be ashamed of those schedules. It’s kinda funny that MU beat LSU today after LSU got that protection. Still, we have to face UGA, UF, & AL.

Our special teams are a train wreck. I was actually glad we kept kicking off out of bounds. Our kick and punt coverage is bad. Real bad.


I agree. Special teams is a complete mess

Maybe I am being unrealistic, but I cannot understand why we have had so much difficulty in finding someone who can kick it through the end zone. Fountain certainly has left room from improvement, what a difference reasonable special team output could have made tonight. Everyone should have some time to demonstrate what they can add to the staff, but so far it appears he has work to do,

Yes he does

Special teams are a disaster

Concerning special teams, Another game or two like these first 3 and Coach needs to make some tough decisions on who is really coaching this group. Worst special teams I have ever seen in any football team.

Also why go for two in the first half. Chasing points after that.

Exactly some of the same comments I made during the game. The missed field goal reminded me of Charlie Brown trying to run and kick the football while Lucy was holding the ball for him. She pulled the ball back at the last second which sent Charlie Brown flying in the air and landing flat on his back. Good Grief! Flashes of that went through my mind when our holder muffed it and pulled the ball back from our kicker. By the way, does our holder and our kicking team know what to do when the ball exchange between the center and the holder is muffed? Many decades ago while in Jr. High football we were taught what the expectations were and we practiced them. When did that become non-critical training?


Asst. Head Coach and Special Teams Coordinator Scott Fountain is most definitely not living up to the preseason hype. Three games into the schedule and already have suffered two blocked punts and horrendous punt/ kickoff coverage. Plus too many kickoffs going out of bounds giving the opposition good field position at the 35. On Auburn’s last series, they started at mid-field. Only had to go less than 20 yards for a winning FG try.


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