One Thing Morris May Regret....

he’s said this several times including at SEC Media Days… under no circumstances should Arkansas EVER go 4-8.

He imposed that standard on himself and getting to 4-8 this season will be a battle.

All coaches say things that can come back and bite them, but I admire him for saying it regardless.

I’m okay with him saying it, but in doing so he created an expectation. If you are going to say that and continue to say it you’d be well served to exceed a record you have said yourself is unacceptable under any circumstances.

That is one thing we know CCM was right about, we should never go 4-8

he was spot on b/c we will probably 3-8 or 2-9

I think 1-11 is a real possibility and 3-9 is the best we are going to do. As said in other posts, I think we need to go with one of the freshman at QB to see if they can cut it. Not going to win with Kelley or Ty.

‘4 and 8 is unacceptable’ -CM

News flash!! Right lane football leads to 4-8.

It’s inevitable all coaches get out on a limb when fans are singing your praise and lifting you up on a pedestal, usually they are the same fans that kick the pedestal out from under you when you don’t perform miracles. It’s definitely a possiblity four wins may be all we get this season, as long as we improve and no one becomes satisfied where we are we will eventually climb the ladder. Early season quotes have away of sneaking upon you later. WPS