One thing is for sure

The roster must be rebuilt for next year. I hope it’s not this way every year going forward, but it just may be with the NIL deal the way it is now.

It is really sad! It is ruining college football as we know it. I get the logic behind it. However, It is truly no longer an amateur sport.

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It is tough for fans - we get accustomed to cheering for “our guys” and when they leave it feels like they have given us the middle finger and become 'anti-Razorback."

Consider, that Hornsby was the prototypical “fan favorite” backup QB and yet he can only throw long and run straight. Consider, that Jackson flashed potential but dropped some passes this year and managed to not be where his QB thought he should be on a few passes (maybe I’m misreading that!). Consider, that Catalon has been Casper the Ghost - you see him every now and then, but most of the time he’s not there.

Of those, Jackson hurts me the most, as I think he now has a path (and a bowl game as the #1-2) to being a primary WR. Maybe his chemistry with KJ is not there.

Slusher is a different matter. I don’t know that he couldn’t be a solid contributor, and even be a 2nd or 3rd team All-SEC if he could stay healthy (there’s that “safety who can’t stay healthy” thing). But, his court issue/arrest could have reduced him to always looking over his shoulder when around town with friends. That seems to have been “friendly fire” that got blown out of proportion, and it spiraled downhill from there.

All of this to type - the portal has seemed to sting a lot more when they enter than when they perform the next season somewhere.

We have won every year in the portal. I see no reason it won’t happen again.

And, the delay just means we are missing visits from “early portal” recruits. There will be the “post-bowl” portal and the “post-spring” portal. Lots of players will be looking to land somewhere.

The NIL was not something in the interest of fans, though a well-conceived compensation plan for all athletes and also means for players to have the value of their likeness reimbursed would have been in the interest of universities, players, fans, and even coaches. The lack of a strong regulating body controlled by the universities and colleges with input from the more directly vested parties - athletic departments, coaches, player advocates, etc., might have avoided the current mess. Who knows…the television money is so strong and the programs are so over-expanded with inflated costs led by the potlatch-driven value of football and basketball salaries ad coaches might defeat anything beyond the existing laissez-faire mess. A prediction based on the present alignment of variables is the situation will not abide by anything other than a steady continued deterioration of the Game. In short, based the past and current performances we should not expect anything but more chaos not less.

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I would imagine NILs are going to start coming with guaranteed restrictions. You’ll get x in year one x plus in year 2 and so on. You don’t get year one without agreeing to year two

Norm DeBriyn spoke at the Hawgs Illustrated Sports Club last week. He began by asking, “How many of you would want to be a coach right now?” No one raised their hand.

Norm spoke from a baseball perspective, but it translates to other sports, too. He said college coaches can no longer focus as much on player development because their job is roster management. The NIL and freedom of transfer lead to the massive roster turnover, and coaches are under pressure to win big every year because of how they can transform their roster through transfers.

The coaches who are going to be successful moving forward are the ones who adapt to the change. Eric Musselman has done this magnificently in basketball.


Basketball and baseball are sports that already have some of this roster churn built in. DVH has to fuss with the MLB draft being so late in the summer plus the number of JUCO players that D1 baseball teams rely on. Muss deals with a one-year eligibility for the NBA. Football is new to that reality.

Matt, I think that’s why you will more coaches with NFL experience being desired by college ADs…

Those are good points. I guess my following baseball so closely is what makes this roster turnover not very surprising to me. We just went through this five or six months ago.

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Baseball sometimes loses four or more of their top signees. DVN should have known better than to wast time and money recruiting those guys. :wink: :wink:

Can you imagine? Talk about another layer of stress.

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