One thing I’m going to watch

Is how this team looks from a physicality/juice standpoint in the 2nd half of the season.

Pittman prides himself on this being a physical football team - talks about it constantly - and it obviously was evident against Texass and A&M……and you have to be physical in this league.


After the Georgia game, Pittman said there was a lot of 1 v1, physical work during Ole Miss week and he felt it was needed in order to get better. I wonder if he has second thoughts about that? A&M, Georgia, and Ole Miss was a brutal stretch and I think our tank was empty today. We came out flat.

I also thought our play deteriorated in the 2nd half of 2020 and I wonder if the physical approach in practices played a part?

This is not a hate the coach post - I like Pittman - how can you not? Rather, it’s a question about in season, physical 1v1 work with a team thinner than most of our conference peers.

I guess it’s a fine line… you must be physical and how do you become that without impacting your play on Saturdays?


We lack depth. Our secondary is in shambles and we are thin. We need to rest as many as possible next week to heal up. We will need all hands to finish the year

I think at some point players have to suck it up. CEM ran the team like hell last year after a bad loss. It sucked for a while. We went to the elite 8. I imagine he’s coaching from Georgia’s perspective. We need that standard.

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Lack of depth, recruiting is the key
WOOO PIG SOOIEEE :boar::football:

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We are much tougher than under previous regimes, for which I am very proud. A&M’s loss to Miss State can be attributed (some) to being beat up after their game with us. It was stated today that Ole Miss was missing key personnel because of injuries sustained in our game.

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We don’t have enough SEC horses.

Plain and simple.

We were worst team in D1 2 years ago, or very close.

This season is a miracle.

And I’m disappointed today big time too

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