One thing about this Arkansas basketball team:

It can damn sure whip up on cupcake teams. Just look at what it did to Missouri. Wow!.My goodness!

Probably coulda and shoulda been worse. Gotta get mentally and physically tougher and beat some non cupcake teams. Aggie game looms large.

They have some quality wins. Some of them are considered cupcakes and just aren’t (like Fort Wayne, Tx Arlington and Tx Austin). :smiley:

Better than losing to cupcakes, which we have been known to do. I don’t sweat margin of victory. It was comfortable and the walk-on got to play.

Missouri has not been getting blown out in SEC play. This was the closest to it for them.

Well that’s 2 in a row I agree with you Swine.

NR even said that a W is just W. By 1 or 51.

we played great.
great to enjoy a W.

I’m telling y’all if you wanna talk about a blow out just wait until tonight. Reed arena is going to be empty with only hogs making noise.

Hogs +4.5 no brainer. You’re welcome