One Thing About Pitt Hire I Love

I know this chaps Bert’s backside something fierce! :grinning:

He and Sam had a less than cordial parting of the ways.

Guarantee that.

They patched it up, per Bret. At least that’s what I have been told.

Focusing on the present and the future (seeing little benefit into hanging on to the negative past). I like that our new coach is a product of and hopefully a practitioner of physical football. The SEC is a line of scrimmage league and we have suffered in this regard. My interest in Kiffin was because of his name and his contacts and how that hopefully would translate into recruiting image enhancement for the Hogs. While Pittman is not the sexy name that Kiffin is, he has a decent reputation as a recruiter, enough experience to hopefully put together a strong staff and being more genuine than Kiffin, hopefully we have a coach the kids will play for.

Not a fan of this hire and very skeptical - hope to be proven wrong of course.

But glad we did not hire Kiffin.

How do you know what bothers Brett Bielema and why do you love that?

Given the drunk ran us in to the dirt and subsequently tried to cheat us on the buyout I revel in his misfortune - I’m vengeful like that :grinning:

Jackson doesn’t like overweight people…I expect a lot of criticism of our new coach.

No more criticism of Pittman who I like very much as a person. Hope he does well.

He posted earlier he wouldn’t, now your starting the crap and baiting him in…typical swine fusion move