One sportsbook projects Shane Buechele to Arkansas

With Jalen Hurts reportedly entering the NCAA transfer portal, BetDSI has posted odds on which team he will play for in 2019.

Additionally, the sportsbook is also offering prop odds on the next teams for Brandon Wimbush and Shane Buechele, which you can find below.

Current: … aaf-props/

Jalen Hurts team in Week 1 of 2019 NCAA regular season (must transfer from current program)

Houston Cougars +150
Arizona Wildcats +300
Maryland Terrapins +400
UCLA Bruins +500
TCU Horned Frogs +500
Florida State Seminoles +750
Florida Gators +1000
Louisville Cardinals +1000
Tennessee Volunteers +1000
UCF Knights +1500
Texas A&M Aggies +1500
Oklahoma Sooners +2000
Florida Atlantic Owls +2000
West Virginia Mountaineers +2000
Washington State Cougars +2500

Brandon Wimbush team in Week 1 of 2019 NCAA regular season (must transfer from current program)

Penn State Nittany Lions +150
Mississippi State Bulldogs +250
Rutgers Scarlet Knights +300
Boston College Eagles +400
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets +500
Maryland Terrapins +800
Miami Hurricanes +800
Syracuse Orange +1000
LSU Tigers +1000
Temple Owls +1000
Buffalo Bulls +2000
Connecticut Huskies +2000

Shane Buechele team in Week 1 of 2019 NCAA regular season (must transfer from current program)

Arkansas Razorbacks +200
Ole Miss Rebels +250
Mississippi State Bulldogs +350
Miami Hurricanes +500
Houston Cougars +500
SMU Mustangs +600
Kansas Jayhawks +800
Kansas State Wildcats +800

Don’t know much about him… what kind of player is he?? do you think he would be an impact player?

Here are his stats. He was certainly highly thought of coming out of high school and had a decent first two years before Sam took over. … e-buechele

I am amused, but not surprised, that you can get action on where a guy is going to transfer.

4* DT QB accross the board out of HS. Finalist in the Elite 11 QB camp-2nd place. Started as a freshman for Charlie Strong. But apparently got beat out by Elhinger this year or last spring at TX.
His dad is a former pro baseball player & currently assistant coach for TX Rangers.
Not sure but could be a spoiled brat type, Would be an upgrade if he can wrap his head around our offense.
Not sure if he would have to sit a year or not, but I think so.

He told someone a month ago he wasn’t leaving Texas.

Hurts didnt give anyone a hint he was leaving Bama.

I think it was known he was going to leave. I could be wrong, but I think Shane will at least go through spring practice at Texas.

Thanks I knew who he was just haven’t watched Texas play much.

Ty never said he was transferring either…

No, but are you shocked? I’m not.

Im shocked with the timing of it. Given the fact that at the moment there doesn’t appear to be a solid option at getting a grad transfer QB. Unless we have one that hasn’t announced it yet


No, but are you shocked? I’m not.

[/quote]I sure don’t claim to know anything, but I can say I am shocked. Home state kid, who started a majority of the games seems to be a more than decent bet to return. I know the message boards have not been kind to him, but hopefully the kids belief in themselves out weigh the opinions of us armchair quarterbacks and other assorted unfiltered and mostly anonymous experts.


Reason I say I’m not shocked is because the staff is obviously not sold on Ty or they wouldn’t be trying to bring in a grad-transfer.

They didn’t recruit Ty and I can see him looking for a fresh start.


Of the 14th regular starters in the league this past season I think it’s clear that Ty resides in the 14th spot in terms of talent.

Without a serious upgrade at this spot Hogs looking at another 0-8 finish on league play. Simply not an option for Morris and crew.

I think when your talent level is near the bottom it’s hard for a QB to do his job. Not saying Ty is the answer, but it’s hard to be successful when the supporting cast isn’t on the level of others.

All of this is true, but Ty didn’t perform nearly well enough even when the line kept him upright and the receivers got open. He’s tough as a boot, but we don’t need tough, we need production, and I am not optimistic that he can produce even if the other issues are fixed. It seems the staff’s view is similar to mine, thus the search for a grad transfer.

There’s no way to ever know what Ty is capable of he ran for his life behind a horrible Oline and when he did have time to throw he had receivers stop and give up on routes. When some interceptions took place those receivers didn’t care enough to try to stop those whom intercepted the ball.
I’d say the hogs needed more players with his heart even those some had more talent.
This is an issue in the past and we need to drop it. I hope Ty finds a place to play and has fun and more than anything else I hope he is successful in life.

Ty moving on & this desperate search for a grad trans savior means their isn’t much faith in Noland running the offense & being productive.

When Swine and I are fully in agreement it’s game, set, match…case closed!