One "silver lining" to exiting the CWS

Yeah - 2 days later and it still sucks to have gone 0-2 in a CWS bracket in which we were the best team. Nothing good about that. We picked a terrible time to have an offensive lull.

However, I DO think we’ve seen/heard the last of the “misplayed pop foul” in last year’s CWS loss to Oregon State for a while; probably until we get back to Omaha. While I hope that is sooner than later, I will NOT miss seeing that clip in just about every game we play next season. Next year, the comments will be that we’ve gone to “back to back” CWS, and that’s a positive thing to have said about you.


Ole Miss buddy stopped by my office to offer his “condolences” after our loss. Told him it was a better to go to Omaha and go 0-2, than never get to go at all.
He kinda laughed and said " You got me there you S.O.B." :lol:

Wiz, I like you, but many of us are never going to forget that foul ball. ESPN may give it a rest, but us fans probably never will. We may never get that close to a baseball National Championship again.

It doesn’t hurt as much as James Street’s 4th and 1 bomb in 1969, but it still stings and probably always will.

I will daydream about Hunter Henry’s heave when I am down and feeling blue. That always picks me up.

jhawg . . . please re-read my last paragraph (of the OP). I never said WE FANS would forget it; heck, at the drop of a hat I can rattle off a dozen heart-breaking plays that most have probably totally forgotten. For better or worse, I’m wired to hold onto those things.

However, I DO think that next year, we won’t hear about and/or see a clip of that misplay on virtually EVERY game that is televised, as we did this season. It was the one thing all the national media folks used as their first note on us this season. I’ll bet I saw that clip at least 50 times since the season started in February.

As I mentioned, I think it WILL come back up when we get back to Omaha - but this next year (during the regular season) it will rarely if every be mentioned UNTIL and unless we do get back to the CWS, or are very highly ranked as the season ends.

I see your point…ESPN is trying hard to never let us forget it. They and the national media frequently bring it up…well, feed 'em fish heads and rice…ESPN has just become a shell of its former self. I don’t watch ESPN anymore unless a college football game with the Hogs necessitates it.

I don’t know how they managed to do it, but somebody ran ESPN into the ground. I used to tune in to listen to Chris Berman and the gang, but now I go out of my way to avoid ESPN. Mixing politics and sports is not a good idea. Stick to the sports.

ESPN has become a platform for politics!
I liked the old days when they covered sports!

I thought we might have heard the last of it, then someone brought it up again on the board. And, it will continue to come up for years and years. And, it will be shown again by ESPN the next time the Hogs go to Omaha. Unfortunately, things like James Street cutting behind a clip, or the dropped pop fly, or Clint Storener fumbling will never go away completely. This post is proof.

Don’t forget Fish’s muffed punt return :smiley:

Clay, if you will re-read my posts in this thread (including the OP), you will see that I am clearly referring to the constant one-trick-pony aspect of the national (not the local) media replaying that clip in virtually EVERY televised game this year (note the phrase “SEEN/heard the last . . .”). Never said, nor thought that our FANS would forget it. You either failed to read, or misunderstood, this follow-up post:


Surprised to hear you say you “thought we might have heard the last of it.” You know better than that. And “this post (OP)” is NOT proof of “that”. My OP and this thread is about an expectation that the national media will not be replaying “the pop foul clip” every game next season (and that being welcomed), NOT about our fans holding onto (or not) the heartbreak of last year’s loss.

BTW, I also said (in the OP) " . . . until the next time we are in Omaha", so you are repeating/validating my thoughts about that.

Other than that . . . I agree with everything you said. :wink:

Maybe we are # 1 in the category of muffed plays that cost us some sort of championship.

Will the pain ever go away?

To make it a bit worse I think it was a 4th and 8 bomb, I was there but only 13 so my memory may not be perfect. I really only remember it from replays.