One SEC pod proposal

And in that rotation you would play at every stadium in the league once every four years.

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how do you determine a championship?

Best two records go to the SECCG. Exactly what the Big 12 has been doing with no divisions.

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These pod musings are all good and well. But what if the real goal is a 20 team mega conference? There are articles out there that talk about the OSU, Michigan, Clemson and Fl State. It’s all crazy to me.

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That seems like a strange way to do things,I kind of think we will have our divisions…but JMO

Not a big fan of that when everyone already plays each other, but it works better in a bigger conference like we’re discussing. Most years you’d be matching up teams that have not played each other.

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Yeah but the Big 12 has been weird from the get-go. It’s possible that you could still get a rematch in the SECCG of two pod winners that finished 8-1/8-1 or 9-0/8-1, but you’re probably right.

That’s why I said “most years”. A rematch is possible, and surely will happen from time to time…but more the exception than the rule, I’d expect.

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One good thing about the pod system. You could be the worst team in your pod and still finish 6-3 in the league.

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I don’t know how it will work out but Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma won’t in same Pod and neither will A&M and Texas. Some could be for example Arkansas and Oklahoma. Texas and Oklahoma will be constant rivals to keep Red River Rivalry and Arkansas would probably like to keep playing Ole Miss since we have been playing them since 1960. All this is pure speculation and none of us will be correct including myself!

That looks like the opening line of a good joke.


Only if they walked into a bar :rofl:


This looks more like it to me -

It’s exciting times let’s see how it goes

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This is nothing new!

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True - just catching up

When do you think they drop the final version?

If EOE and Mobilehoma aren’t joining until 2025, there is absolutely no rush. If they’re gonna join before then, then the process will accelerate somewhat.

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What’s your intuition on this date?

Sooner (pun intended - with joining 2022) or latter waiting for the cows come home in 2025?

Or anything in between ?

Got any informed guesstimates?

The Orphan Eight wants to drag it out as long as possible. Unless the two refugees pay the full $80 million or whatever to get out. But I’m sure there are lawyers in Texass, Oklahoma, Kansas, West Virginia and Iowa working on both sides of this (and also working on exit plans).

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No, but my uninformed estimate would be the 2023 season for football. That’s what happened to the Hogs in the switch to the SEC. For basketball, it could be the 2022/23 season. Also what happened with the Hogs entry into the SEC. Caveat - I don’t remember what month of the year Arkansas and the SEC signed the deal.

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A lot of people speculating on pods are putting the Hogs in the same pod with Texas and Oklahoma. Geographically and historically, it would make a lot of sense for us to be. But you never know.

Arkansas and Ole Miss have played a lot over the years, but they have not played every year since 1960. They stopped playing each other about that time (because of a controversial FG awarded to Ole Miss) and then resumed playing yearly in 1981 when Holtz was the coach. We’ve played them every year since then, I believe.

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