One SEC pod proposal

Where do we sign up for this one?


Interesting. With the PODs, you might lose historical games like Auburn vs GA but this seems most realistic. If they do with divisions, all of the historical rivalry games stay in place if you just move Misery to the west and Bummer and the Bagmen to the East.

If they do this pod I’ll fall over and faint. Our history with the SEC scheduling tells me they will not.


As Coach said yesterday, Arkansas is the three time defending champion of the toughest schedule in football.


I don’t like it. At first, I was salivating at the opportunity for wins in that division—although, let’s not pretend like Mizzou currently doesn’t have even more reason to salivate than us.


I thought to myself, wait, is that the kiddie table? Did we just get kiddie tabled?


Posted this in another thread, but these are the pods SEC Network came up with.

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I think that proposal is much more likely. It doesn’t preserve Auburn-Georgia on an annual basis but hits most of the other rivalry games. Bazzel’s Boot would be an every-other-year thing though, Oh well.


I don’t want either, but if we are going down this rabbit hole, then I want to play Texas and Mizzou every year. I hate Texas and am growing a close 2nd hatred of Mizzou(mostly due to family).


At this point, that seems likely but not certain. Texas politics could still derail it, which is why the Aggies leaked this out. So could four SEC presidents, or three plus the Aggies who are a given to oppose it. Public outcry on their side seems unlikely to be an issue; from what I’m hearing UT and OU people are on board with this idea.

What I’ve read is that Mizzou and A&M will vote no, but different rumors about where Arkansas stands on voting for entrance of Texas and Oklahoma into the SEC.

Yup. I just don’t know if there are enough people at UA who remember life under Bevo’s hooves 29 years ago to register a no vote. And even if there are, ESPN is giving them a lot of reasons to let bygones be bygones. I would guess, also, that Greg Sankey would be making concessions to ease any sore toes, as my grandma used to say.

Plus even if UA, TAM and Misery vote no, if the other 11 vote yes, they’re in.

Again, I’m neither in favor nor in opposition. I’m just reading the tea leaves here and they’re saying we go to 16 teams. That could still change.

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Who wants to bet we’re the fourth team in this pod. :neutral_face:

A&M doesn’t want that, I promise you. Maybe LSU would.

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and somebody will be one pod, I bet. Probably Missouri with those butt ugly uniforms and colors. Stick the newbies with the Johnny-come-latelies.

Pod D, as it were…

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I bet you see a corndog, a teasipper, a paperclip, and an aggie in a pod. Then you’ll see a Razorback, kitty cat, leghumper, and ol’ piss in another. Bummers, bagmen, wallets, and other leghumpers in another, then bourbon suckers, cocks, jailbreakers, and intellectuals in the final pod.

The pod in the OP doesn’t have a chance, because it puts arguably the weakest 4 programs (in the eyes of the SEC fanbase) all in one pod. They’d much rather have us all spread out as the weak-link in each of the 4 pods.

Not saying I agree, but I do feel that’s what non-Arkansas fans would say.


I have no idea what half of those names represent… but I like it all. Ha.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see exactly that. OU, EOE, Misery and us.

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I have no clue how the POD system works…fill me in.

There would be 9 conference games. You’d play all 3 teams in your pod every season, then 2 from each of the other 3 on a rotation.

Don’t know, but suspect that for the SEC Championship game, you’d just select the two teams with the best conference record, and have some tie-breakers (like head to head, or record against other highly ranked in-conference teams, etc).

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