One scary moment

I was proud of the offense for going to get Treylon off the State bench last night. I recall that State brawled with Tulsa last year.

The Jason Autrey ref team did not call the late hit on that play. Poor job by them. Whistle had blown and two State guys blasted him and then took him into their bench.

The offense went to get him. Sad stuff by the Leach staff for not doing more to stop that.

The refs got flustered by the play. Both teams lined up for the next play and Autrey was going to signal ready to play. Stromberg turned around to tell them there was no football. Sad.


Classless by Miss St players and their entire staff! The blame for allowing it to happen falls right on the shoulders of the officiating crew! This is another example of how incompetent the entire SEC officiating has become as whole!

I thought the officials handled it the right way considering Burks punched at a guy. They settled it. It was over. Play ball.

I also saw coaches trying to separate players.

I also saw in slow motion the guy let go of Burks as he was going out of bounds. Assuming I have the correct play.

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Except they forgot to get a football. It’s part of their job.

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Yea I agree. The refs should have got a delay of game. But they could have just thrown a flag too.

No. They hit him after the whistle. They had backed him up 10 yards and kept hitting him. Whistle had blown. The only thing they did not do is take him to the ground. You right in that.


Ok I seem to remember that now. There was play that I though was late hit when he was slung out of bounds to the ground but on replay it didn’t appear to be late or unnecessary.

That play was ok.

Exactly Clay. My wife had to calm me down after that no call.

No respect for Leach or his staff. None. His post game humiliation of his kickers shows his colors.


Penalty be damned. When you get hammered like that you have to stand up for yourself and the team does too. I’m glad they went to get him. The penalties, correctly called, would have been offsetting anyway. Miss State has always been a dirty team. Sometimes worse than others. They probably aren’t as bad under Leach as they were under Jackie Sherrill.


I was absolutely stunned no flags were thrown during that melee. Stunned. Has anyone ever seen something like that go down in a game and ZERO flags? I have not. The Burks punch was weak but still thrown but then as we all saw someone grabbed his mask and held it for what seemed like 10 seconds. You’d think the refs would have seen THAT part bc refs always see the retaliator. I do recall seeing at least one coach trying to separate as another poster said. There were probably more.

The only reason I was glad there was no flag was because I figured they would find a way to make it ONLY against us. I’d rather play on than have Autry hose us again.

Burks did more of a shove in the face mask and the MissState guy, who was deliberately provoking him, did an obvious flop hoping to get Burks tossed out of the game. They had been chippy with Burks all game, trying to provoke him. The MissState coaches did not interfere because it was all their idea and they wanted it to succeed.


Very telling of Mississippi State that after that Bowl Game Brawl with Tulsa, they suspended or publicly disciplined NO ONE. Tulsa, meanwhile suspended a couple guys that were involved in that mess. That tells me A LOT.


I just watched the replay of the incident and I think the ref’s handled it well. I didn’t think so when I saw it live however.

I don’t know an legacy SEC team other than Vandy that doesn’t have a habit of playing dirty

In the SEC it just means more lol

I wonder if the reason Burks didn’t go down -

Was because He is a man who kills wild hogs with a knife and the puppies needed the whole pack to take him on

But dirty is what dirty was and this MSU team is a Jackie Sherrell bloodline team


I did not see any refs TRY to handle it. Maybe I did not see it well.

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Reminds me that my distaste for MS State dates back to Jackie Sherrill bringing his dirty ball from A&M to the SEC. Might have been that way before Sherrill, and they hired him because he was a good fit!

A&M and Baylor were always chippy like that, back in the day. I remember Baylor taking out Steve Little on a kickoff. It always bugged me that private, church-affiliated schools were dirty (on the field and off…see SMU) then I was told that most of these schools are affiliated in name only.

I eat dinner with a TU coach from time to time and he said he was “trembling mad” at the bowl game, outraged at the poor sportsmanship by MS State, and scared for his players because half the TU team didn’t know what was going on. A lot of TU players were ambushed. And, no MSU suspensions, of course. (That the SEC didn’t do something surprises me - a chance to penalize someone who isn’t a title contender was missed.)


Baylor has a long history of shame. Steve Little cheap shot is one of those shameful moments. One of my managers played RB for Teaff. He told me a story that confirms he had issues.

This entire thread is representative of why I was nearly apoplectic when Leach was being considered to be our coach. I would have had a huge problem getting behind that as a fan.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to…nor will I ever.


Not too many nice pirates…

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