One rule I would like to see changed

That is the old rule reinstated making it a penalty to assist the runner by pushing the group manually. In my day it was a penalty to shove or push the ball carrier forward. Lately I have seen runners basically stopped but the pile shoved another five yards by the 300 pounders. I am most likely one of a few, but I think the whistle should sound once the runner is basically stopped, but nowdays it moves a lot well beyond that point by a team effort, not the runner. More like Rugby than American football.

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There are two of us who feel this way

I think the assisting the runner rule is still there but I can see it being very hard to enforce. Sometimes the defense pushes the pile forward too. And the OL is still allowed to block those guys.

I did some research. The NFL made pushing the runner legal in 2005. The NCAA followed in 2013. Pulling and carrying the runner is still illegal.

Good info, thanks

Blow the whistle. Injuries are more likely. Why isn’t this considered stopped because of being in the grasp?

They could never figure out how to properly call that rule. I do recall Notre Dame (or was it the team playing Notre Dame) that won a game when the runner was pushed across the goal line. Like anything else it seems, they make the rules to favor the offense. Put points on the board.

It was USC vs. Notre Dame in 2005. Reggie Bush pushed Matt Leinart over the line, thus it became known as the Bush Push. That was before the NCAA changed the rule.

When you’ve got a pile of players involved in the tackle, it’s hard to tell who’s pulling and who pushing.

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