One reason I do not get excited about recruiting

until LOIs are signed is a “committment” means little in some cases. So I have no idea if the kid from Florida who just “decommited” would have been great for us or not.

Well, he would have had to be able to enroll first.

There is ebb and flow both ways in recruiting. As you say, we need to see who signs before we get too excited. If they replace Stone by signing a better player, that can be very exciting. Just comparing the quality of commits at critical positions compared to previous classes at this point in the recruiting process, this could be the best class in 2 or 3 decades IF they all sign on. Depending on who they replace Stone with, it could be even better.

Agree on all accounts. Nothing is done until the fat lady sings, but it sure looks far better now than anytime in the recent past and these guys are really working at it. I think the recent decommitment is actually a good singn. It was said to be mutual (whatever that means).

No doubt, we must have. Must, must, must have some more good to great Olinemen and LBs. Superman could not QB behind this line.

Agreed. Most football games are won or lost on the line of scrimmage.

I am fired up and excited about recruiting. We may lose a couple of guys before signing date, but we are going to sign 29 guys. There is a reasonably good chance we may finish in the Top 10-15 in recruiting. Some of that may be due to the large number of guys we are signing, but a lot of it is because these guys are good football players. I don’t follow recruiting closely, but I do follow it. This will be one of the best classes we have ever had…ever.

We have all been beaten down by the past 6-7 years of losing, but things are looking better. Coach Morris and his staff are doing an amazing job, especially given our dismal season so far. If a coach can recruit, that is probably the best skill he could have. It looks like Chad has that skill. Things are looking up for the program. I am looking for some sunshine…because it has been cloudy for a long time. “Here Comes the Sun”…George Harrison.

It seems to me that evaluating OL talent in HS is very difficult. One of our good friends back home had a son that was HIGHLY recruited (and offered) by Arkansas and a long list of big schools (Notre Dame & Clemson to name two) he signed with Arkansas and struggled to be an SEC caliber lineman (could not keep enough weight on to dominate SEC DLinemen). We have recent history of O linemen that were highly recruited that didn’t work out.

I was wondering from some of you who know a lot more about this is finding SEC quality linemen from a HS resume tougher that’s other positions. I don’t know. Any thoughts Dudley, Richard or other former coaches?

One thing that hurts us getting top quality linemen is, as most agree, The state of Arkansas flat does not have the numbers some states have. I have lived in Georgia now for 60 years and I know states like Georiga snd Florida and Texas among a few others have enough large good high school squads there are several top notch potential SEC quality linemen. Some coaches have an easier time than any Arkansas coach does since the in state college coaches have been watching kids for several years while Arkansas coaches are usually in the back of the line trying to see the considered best prospects. I know here in Georgia there are ten to twelve top prospects annually while I assume Arkansas may plroduce two or so. It is a numbers game and the really top prospets want to go to a school which normally has several NFL quality players. I do not think there is any secrets to recruiting, but any Arkansas coach is at a disadvantage. That does not mean however, a good rec ruiter cannot get top notch players to come to UA, it is just harder for them.

My take is Most of the best 5* HS Olinemen, and Im talking about kids that are obvious, big & strong & quick at an early age, probably starting for 6A-7A school since freshmen or sophomore years will be college ready as redshirt freshman or sophomore. Those are already plucked early by the elite programs. They are far and few & Bama & couple others get all they want.
Compared to a late developing 4* Olineman which is a hit and miss depending on HS competition & developement at next level. Almost always require minimum 2-3 years to be SEC ready. Some still don’t ever make the grade. There is the occasional exception of course that blossom.
Which is what the rest of us are left with.

I think you are spot on. One of the reasons Bama and several other schools consistently have top recruiting classes is because they grab those 5 star linemen quick. There aren’t many that are NFL ready, but having a couple makes a big difference.

One of the things I have heard coaches talk about is the current state of play in HS. Most HS teams run a quick hit spread scheming offense. That did not translate well to our old style. You now hear the same complaint from the NFL that the college game has gone to a scheming spread type offense and O Linemen lack the fundamentals that it takes in the NFL.

I think our current Oline lacked talent and coaching under our last Oline coach (and HC for that matter). CCM should have an easier time finding OL to fit his scheme. If he gets his offense running the way he wants, the O Linemen won’t have to hold blocks for a long time. They will need to be more quick and agile rather than big and strong. JMO

If you can’t get excited about a class ranked the highest it has ever been in Rivals - 12th - than there’s about nothing that will get it done.

OL and LB need some more commits, but the rest is pretty solid.

This class is one more 4-star from being 9th nationally.

If KB transfers in does that get counted in the class ranking totals? I am just wondering what a couple of 4*'s & an elite QB transfer would do to the ranking?

KB would not count in the rankings.

It’s not the rankings. We’ve had good classes in the past that didn’t measure up. We’ve had four and five stars that never measured up. We haven’t seen what these kids have got. Until I see results on the field, I’ll take what experts, services, and analysts say with a grain of salt.

Yes these guys are spot on. There simply is a limited number of these athletic 6’ 5”-9” kids that play at big programs and that are smart enough as well

The CFB Playoff teams each year pretty much are always consistent past top ten recruiting class schools. Since there are only four each year, some of the past top ten recruiters did not make the Playoff. I don’t think there has been any teams without consistent top recruiting classes make it. That would be a big story. If you want to compete with the top half of the SEC on the field, you better have competed well against them for several years in recruiting. That finally may be happening at Arkansas.

OL problems directly traceable to this:


2015 & 2016 classes which would be today’s upperclassman that you would expect to be starting, strong, dominant…what did we really get out of those classes…especially 2016?

Sam Pitman helped with the OL recruiting before he left. Winning also helps recruiting.
One thought for those that don’t get excited about this recruiting class " with the hogs current record looking at the recruiting ranking just for a moment think what a winning season could do to the overall quality of the class". This staff has done an admirable job of putting the class together. It’s up to them to do the due diligence to follow up and ensure they qualify academically and commited. Then it’s up to them to coach them up and get the same process going for the 20 and 21 recruinting classes.
Find something else to grip about.
I’m excited about this class and what it means to my hogs!

The best 20 recruits make up your ranking, besides the coaching change, we only signed 17 recruits last class, so we got a big goose egg for 18-20. So this puts 2018 ranking somewhere around 20-25 spots lower than the actual talent level of the recruits.