One question I bring up to myself

Every time we play a basketball game.

I have room to ask my self well won another, but we really didn’t play great. The kids leave and I say we have lost so many times’ one of these day will have a great WINNER.

All I heard leading up to the Baylor game and ALL that I have asked myself we can play better than this.

So I ask you have we played a perfect game? What is the best we can do?? When did we play GREAT?


I think the 2nd Bama game was one of our best performances. We really need MM to have a great game. If they have a bad night shooting the 3 and we limit our turnovers I think we win.

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I’ve been wondering this right along, especially since we turned things around after the Alabama and LSU debacles: where is this team’s ceiling? How much more upside do we have? Do we really know yet? This team has absolutely amazed me every game we’ve played recently (excepting maybe the LSU tournament loss), and I go clear back to the Jerry Carlton/Tommy Boyer/Pat Foster days of listening to and watching Razorback basketball. So I’m not easily amazed. Deep down inside, I don’t think we have reached our ceiling yet (unreal as that may seem), but tonight would really be a good time to continue our upward trajectory. WPS!

This run in the dance has been great. They have found ways to get the W and advance. Tonight it will take good shooting and strong defense. If the hogs avoid the turnover bug it will help them keep the pressure on Baylor. Anything is possible.

Good point, Army. If we keep from gifting them cheap points, or at least stay in the same ballpark, we will win.

I did not think 95 team played at a peak for much of tournament. And neither did 94 team to some degree. The 94 team often started slowly and gave up runs by risk taking on defense.

'95 team barely got out of Austin, could have lost to Texas Southern and probably should have lost to Syracuse if Lawrence Moten didn’t call a timeout they didn’t have. And even then we had to score on every possession of OT to win. Wasn’t a whole lot better in the regional. Only really good game we played in the tournament was beating UNC in the Final Four.

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