One question answered about the Morris offense

Some have wondered if there is any role for Kendrick Jackson and Hayden Johnson, BB’s two fullbacks, in the Morris scheme. Based on this link written about Clemson’s offense in 2014, the answer is yes:


In the sections on the Power Read and Inverted Veer portions of the Clemson attack, the X and O diagrams show use of an H-back. An H-back is a fullback, basically. Indeed, further down in the article the H back is cited as a key person in the offense, not only as a blocker but occasionally flexed out as a receiver.

I figured Cantrell would have a job as an H-back, and Johnson should be fine, as both are pretty good receivers. Jackson still looks questionable, unless you are just conceding that he’s there to block.

Well, Jackson came as a LB.

And we are very thin at LB.