One QB no longer with Arkansas

LINK: … bf885.html

I’m not sure what is going on with my ability to read posts on this board. I see the title of the post, but no content. Could someone tell me which QB is leaving?

Posted the link under the tweet.

Thanks RD. Hate to see the young man moving on, but he must see our QB situation as a little too crowded. Good luck to Austin in Denton.

Frankly I think the old original rule that once any player accepted a professional salary he or she was not eligible for any collegiate sport. Danny Ainge for instance had a mental advantage over 17 to 22 year old college players after he spent around six years in professional baseball. He used that advantage to dribble the length of the basketball court with about four seconds left in the NCAA Regional I recall. There is enough corruption in NCAA football and basketball without out and out professionals playing collegiate sports.

I was sure glad to have Robbie Hampton and Andrew Davie. They were solid performers for some good teams. They were also good students and citizens.

I don’t think there is anything corrupt about letting a former professional athlete play a sport in which he wasn’t a pro. Regardless, Arkansas still has a former minor league ball player on its team this year - D’Vone McClure.