One positive on a not so positive football Saturday...

As me and my crew were walking from NEZ after another loss back to our car yesterday, one thing stood out to me more than anything. The football facilities from the stadium down to the outdoor practice facilities are an impressive sight to see. Everything is in place to win, no need to show recruits models and pics of what is coming, everything is in place and ready and waiting…just need to sell it to the next set of recruits around the country.

We have morphed into the Dallas Cowboys. Great facilities, horrible team.

The problem is for a long time is we went all in on facilities - no expense spared on facilities, but we went cheap on coaches ( especially assistants) as compared to the upper tier of the SEC.

At Arkansas you need to be at the top with respect to assistant pay because we have to coach em up even more than our SEC bretheren do who have more physical talent at their disposal.

The result - very nice stadium that’s half full.

Let’s face it. In todays world, the better quality players are not really interested in stadiums, but what their chances of playing in the NFL are. The way to attract top high school talent is to win, period.

This is true. Hiring the right coach is more important than having the best facilities.

Hiring the right coach, however, is probably a more difficult task than building quality facilities. We are proof of this.

If you do hire the right coach, then everything just seems to go pretty well. Just look at the baseball program…the brightest star in our lineup.

Thank God Texas lost yesterday, so the entire day was not a waste at least.

Amen, Texas lost and A&M.