One other BIG improvement

And it’s something I have moaned about for years.

Our DB’s are actually making plays on the ball. As a former DB myself (I was a star on the intramural fields, lol) I disgustedly watched us tome and time again be in position to make a play on a pass, but we would have our back to the throw and never see the ball come into the receiver.

Of course, some of this may be due to new scheme playing more zone and keeping receivers in front where we can actually see the ball.


I think that’s exactly what we’re seeing. We play zone, keep our eyes on the ball, tackle people who make catches in front of us. Not getting beat deep, making plays on the ball, and occasionally getting there first when the QB’s eyes tell us where he’s going.

Man defense requires turning and running with the receiver, and sometimes they don’t find the ball in time (or at all).

Does this defense have weaknesses? Sure. A patient QB can dink and dunk us to death, and we’re vulnerable to a good running game (that Auburn guy that kept bouncing off our tacklers had another good game yesterday in the loss to the Poultry). But we don’t get beat deep and we can get the ball back a lot more than our recent defenses.

ADG noted that the last time one of our DBs had three picks in a game against an SEC opponent was Louis Campbell in the Preston Watts Bowl in 1971. Michael Grant had three picks against La-Monroe in 2006, the last time one Hog stole three in a game before Hudson Clark yesterday,

I’m going to be really interested to see where that puts him in the national interception list when it’s updated later in the morning. Joe Foucha was tied for fourth before yesterday at .67 interceptions per game. He’s now at .5 (so is Greg Brooks) and Clark is at .75. We may also be very high in team interceptions at 2.5 per game.

I think any team not named Bama that only rushes three has some weaknesses, but its strength seems to be the trust in the coach’s defensive plan. Holding fast through think and thin. Pretty amazing to me.

Speaking of Bama, I’ll be very interested to see how our zone, in whatever version it morphs into by early December, does against that 400-meter relay squad otherwise known as the Bama receivers. They torch people deep, If we can continue to stop the deep ball that gives us a lot better chance against the Ocean Scum, although Najee Harris might run for 200 on us.

Best running back I’ve seen over the last four years. What a weapon, and receivers, too.

Ocean Scum is my favorite Swine nickname…followed closely by the Pink Puppies…

As I’ve noted before, I’m largely incapable of calling anything by its real name. Take my two cats, for instance. Real names are Suzie and Haven; I call them Worm and Brisket.

For those unfamiliar: Red (or crimson) tide is algae. Scum, basically. Found in the ocean. So, the Crimson Tide is ocean scum. Also remember that cream rises to the top, but so does scum.

My own personal favorite of my mutilations of other schools’ mascots is the Fightin’ Fallopians. The Longhorn logo bears a striking resemblance to the female reproductive tract, I once posted a pictorial comparison on the old HI board which was taken down because nobody wanted to see an actual uterus (and you can’t spell uterus without UT). Or maybe nobody wanted to see Bevo’s head. :thinking:

He does have several really good nicknames for our opponents. I like Rebnecks, since it so accurately fits them. Future luggage is also a good one.


But I appreciate his occasional explanation (or yours) of his nicknames, because I lose track.


Greg Brooks is playing all sEC level, Foucha close and Catalon plus Hunter are reaping the effects. Our guys are great positional and ready to make the play, our LB corps is being set to make the plays like back in Larry Jackson days. Plenty of robber success so far, hope we are ready when it is solved as it always is as time goes on and film is broken down. I know our DB coach is a star recruiter but his teaching improvement is remarkable and Odom co-ordinating and strategizing it is perfect complement. Buster needs to get his butt back on the field.

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