One of your statistical anomalies

Just looked at the box score of tonight’s game. UNF and Hogs are both listed with 201 minutes played.

I don’t think that’s possible. And when I was on the stat crew many, many moons ago, if you got 201 minutes played, you had to go back and fix it.

Could it be rounding if two guys played 30 seconds? Or if a player plays for 39:59, and is replaced by another for the last second, does he get credited with only 39 minutes and the other player 1 minute?

Maybe they’ve changed it. But when I was on the crew, if Hannahs played every second until the last 15 seconds and Jonathan Holmes came off the bench for the last 15 seconds, Dusty would be credited with 39 minutes and Holmes would get 1.

The NCAA publishes a handbook for basketball statistics, to try to make sure that crews all over the country give them consistent numbers. I’ll check to see what it says on the subject.

EDIT: Looks like things have changed in the stat manual. In the scenario above, Holmes would be credited with “0+” minutes because he played less than 30 seconds. Dusty would be rounded up to “40-” minutes. In general, time played is to be rounded up or down. If Moses played 27:12, he would be given 27 minutes. If Trey played the other 12:48, he would be given 13. I suppose it’s possible that the rounding process would wind up with 201 minutes, but it’s interesting to me that both teams got that tonight. I looked at all our other box scores this season and minutes played were 200 for both teams in all games. Schools also have the option of reporting exact playing time, that Moses played 27:12 for instance.

After some more thought, the only thing that makes sense is that two different guys had exactly 30 seconds of playing time (15:30 and 21:30 for instance) and both were rounded up.

Even weirder: The PDF box score appearing on the UNF website shows 200 minutes for each team. The PDF on our website still shows 201. For them, we credited #1 Odum with 19 minutes, they have him for 18. For us, they credited Barford with 25, we gave him 26. So if my theory is correct, Odum actually played 18:30 and Barford played 25:30.