One of these days Arkansas will get a coach that gets it

I don’t think he knows what’s about to happen.

CEM will be blown away on Saturday. The crowd will be crazy and he will find out for sure! I hope the hogs come out and play and good game!

Hopefully we can play our best game of the year and come out with a victory.

Youndaman at least the hogs need to be in the game. It’s a good thing the game isn’t played in paper. I give the coaching edge to CEM and if the Bud is wild it will help our players. We will need a big game from Joe, Jones, Desi, Whitt, Chaney and Bailey.
Chaney having a good game against Vandy was huge when it comes to him being able to have some mo jo heading into Saturday.

Its a tough matchup for us b/c they play 2 guys 6’10 and position them inside out where they can get a tall guy on the 3 pt line(very tough to shoot over that) and one inside to protect the basket.ball movement will have to be crisp and on point and we will have to drill the 3 when there is the opportunity.The crowd will be electric so anythings possible,them losing to SC didn’t do us any favors…this will be a true test to see where we stack up against a very very good defense team and a attack the basket offense that lives off of putbacks and FT’s where they are 78% as a far the biggest challenge we have faced.we will see.

Also will be a tough match up for Kentucky when CEM goes 5G. :sunglasses:

Hopefully we’ve learned mega-info since the western game.

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