One of the things I admired on Odom's defenses at Mizzou -------------

----------------- was his ability to find and develop pass rushing defensive ends. The ones that we never seemed to have enough of and his defenses always had them two deep and sometimes stocked with players (he developed) that the Hogs passed on. He just seems to attract those kind of players and two of the transfers coming in are that kind and sorely needed by the Hogs. You add the big “takes two or more to stop him” defensive tackle transfer to all of our linebackers coming back AND a steadily improving ability and depth in the secondary and we may have a defense that will help our offense, finally. Get that running game going so the offense finally helps the defense more, eliminate the gaffs & fiascos in the kicking game and things might be looking up in Hog Country. I like it.


Marshall had a great year last year and the linebackers were very effective, likely due to the d-line keeping keeping blockers out of the second level, hopefully with the new guys and maturity of younger guys we can do even more to control the line of scrimmage. A big emphasis for me will be if we can be more effective at setting the edge. I think Odom is very good, just wonder about the 5/6 defensive back lineups against physical running attacks.

One year Odom signed eight defensive linemen. Most played end although several moved inside in college. Petrino (with Caldwell) once signed six in one class. Petrino said you never say no to a DE. Finding them is the trick.

Steve Caldwell not being retained by Bret Bielema was horrible luck for us… I’m not going to say a mistake because Bret did not know him, but man it was bad luck…

Had we had those 5 additional years of coach Caldwells evaluations, ability to close topped by his coaching and development skills… man…

I think of Trey Flowers as the best example… man what a find at the end…

I look at Caldwell (Tennessee), Washburn (South Carolina, not in the SEC at the time), and Pittman (Tennessee, Ark and Georgia)…: as the best recruiters we had on the Lines … Had Bill Johnson and Charlie Partridge stayed more then a year each they could be up there, but those first 3 are the top tier… we need to hire assistant coaches like that … I think Coach Davis is on his way to being considered… Coach Ashley, needs to start to prove it…

I love Odem… but I’m gonna give some credit to Kraig Kulkowski some of that credit for the Mizzou DL… but I agree we need to get to that level and sustain it!

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I agree. Those last two years under Petrino, the defense was very good.

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