One of the nights where RPI drives you crazy

We started tonight at #43 according to the NCAA RPI list. We didn’t play. In spite of that, we dropped FIVE spots. Because every team that played tonight, that we’ve beaten, lost:

Kentucky beat Tennessee
Ole Miss beat LSU
OU beat Texas

Florida beat Auburn, but we haven’t played Auburn and lost to Florida. That probably helped our SOS just a tad, but not enough to avoid that 5-spot drop.

SOS will improve tomorrow by playing the Poultry, but I suspect a loss will knock us out of the RPI top 50.

Texas and LSU were both in a position to win tonight, but blew it. Both of them getting road wins would have really helped RPI out tonight. I agree if we lose tomorrow we probably fall just outside the RPI top 50. However, a lot of of our non-conference opponents we have wins over play on Thursday and there’s some winnable games among them that should drop us back under 50, and of course winning Saturday, which is going to be a huge game would definitely put us back below the 50. And that’s where we wanna be.

I’d revise that last statement and say you really want to be below 40. Since 2005, no power 5 team has been left out of the NCAAT with an RPI lower than 41. The bubble is historically weak this year so you might get in with higher than 41, but to be on the right side of the bubble, the 30’s is where you want to be.

I was referencing the scenario of losing to South Carolina and beating Ole Miss this weekend. If after the weekend we’re below 50 in the RPI if that scenario happens that would be where we wanted to be is what I meant. I know we definitely want to try to get into the 30s to make sure we’re a lock. Hopefully we can get a win tonight, that would be a big step towards achieving that.

I am not big on chasing RPIs but I do understand the attraction. To me the team just needs to take care of what it can control, play hard and win. The RPI will take care of itself. Hope they can fight through the tough SC defense tonight. WPS

That is the biggest thing. Win your games and you get in.

RPI Wizard updated. If we win RPI 39, lose RPI 50

The bad losses got us down. Mississippi State, Missouri and Vandy. Those are the ones that hurt. Getting blown out by Oklahoma State set up the last 2. The Mississippi State caught us right after Kentucky! Tonight it’s important to play well and not let it carry over to the Ole Miss game in a negative way. Our RPI would be in good shape if we would have taken care of business! I can see this team finishing with an RPI of 35 and still getting snubbed.
We need to finish 5-1 and win 2 games in the SEC tournament to get in the Dance.
We are not tough enough on the floor.

If we could reach another matchup with Florida or Kentucky in the sec tourney that could boost our rpi even more. We need to earn that four seed and get one win one in the tourney. That would take care of all the metrics. The sec is getting four in the tourney this year, Surely

Looks like the Wizard underestimated it. At 37 now, might wind up at 36 or 35 if Bama and Okie Lite win.

Shouldn’t a Mizzou win help RPI more than Bama win? Since we played them twice?

You are correct, it appears. CBS Sports has a “Palm Reader” RPI feature on its college hoops bracketology page; type in any team and see which combination of results tonight helps its RPI the most. Of course, we needed to win, but we also needed Southern Illinois to beat Wichita, Mizzou to beat Bama, Minny to beat IU and Okie Lite to beat TCU. Currently those games look like 2-2: SIU lost, Bama is now winning, Minny and OSU are also winning.

Yesterday, prior to the games, I looked at the wizard. We, at that time were 43. It said a win moved us up to 42, a loss would drop us to 47. Of course after the games yesterday we fell. At one point we were as low as 48. Earlier, we were as high as 36, currently we are 38, but Okie Light just took the lead and have the ball with 28.6 left

Yep, I use Jerry Palm reader as well.

And Minnesota game just ended. So, like you predicted we ended up 2-2 today. RPI currently 36.

Okie Light won, Minny scored the winner with 3 seconds left to beat IU.