One of the highlights of my life

Love the horses.

I’m ready to take a few trips down. My sister lives on Lake Catherine. I enjoy the trip. im able to visit my sister, go fishing and when the weather is pretty sit outside and watch the horses before they run.

Let me know. I might be there.

FWIW, I was kidding about the highlight of my life, but anything horse racing related I do get excited.

I can’t wait either. Ready for opening day in our box, which we fully own now.

Hope nobody commits on Jan. 25.

I was somewhat surprise when I first looked at the racing schedule for Oaklawn from Jan. 25 to May 4. Horses will be running three weeks past Arkansas Derby.

This is the first year to do that. Great idea.

You trade three weeks of winter days for three of spring weather. The infield will be open all three weekends.

Since the elder Cello passed, his son has been aggressive with change.

A smart move.

I have very fond memories of college days spent in
Hot Springs. I enjoyed the horse race too. A fun and
beautiful resort town.

I will let you know by posting when I’m able to go. I’m covered up with trips to the cancer center right now. It’s in God’s hands.

Dudley you can work on the story if it happens after the race or between the races. Sometimes it does us all some good to relax and have some fun.

I used to really enjoy going to Oaklawn a couple of times a year. I used to get the Tyson box until I got too old and the folks at Tyson forgot who I was. I remember fighting for a spot at the rail near the finish line for the 2015 Rebel Stakes. It was raining and the conditions were sloppy. A well know photographer from Lexington begged me let him stand under my umbrella while he took pictures. American Pharoah won by 8 lengths and a legend was in the making. Thoroughbreds are some of the most beautiful animals in the world. I have a little trophy statue of American Pharoah as part of my sports memorabilia. Nowadays, I sit at home and watch the races via the internet and broadcast it to my TV. I use the services of TVG for handicapping and I bet on Oaklawn Anywhere. I try to make a $100 deposit last the whole racing season.