One of the best in the country

Watching all these games from all over the country, from the tournaments, to the regionals, to the super regionals, to the CWS. Listening to the announcers talk about the players and coaches on all the teams, they always say, for example, he is one the best center fielders in the country, he is one of the best pitching coaches in the country and etc. How can every team have ‘one of the best’.

One of the best is fairly ambiguous. Is it one of the 10 best? 15? 20?

That said, most of these teams in Omaha have some of the best players at their respective positions in the country. There are a lot of All-Americans here this week. And most of the coaches are among the best. There are three first-timers here. The other five have been a combined 30 times. Some of the assistants on these staffs will get head coaching jobs soon, some at big-time programs.

I look at the teams that are consistently in the World Series…that’s where you find the best coaches.

You will find coaches who can recruit talent and help develop that talent. You will also coaches that get young players experience in mid week series and get a look at where they stand. A good coach can’t get to Omaha without talent. He also has to have a staff filled with knowledge and experience to recruit!
It’s not just a coach!

Common sense would tell ya that. You don’t usually get to Omaha on luck alone. It’s done with good coaches along with talented players.