One of my biggest regrets as a Razorback basketball fan

I never got to see the team that Nolan would have had in the 2002-03 season. That team would have had the look of his better teams in the early-mid 90s.

FR - Andre Igoudala (released from his LOI)
SO - JJ Sullinger (PF transferred to OH ST & started 3 years for them)
FR Jonathon Modica
SR- Dionisio Gomez (Made the biggest jump from Jr to Sr year I’ve seen)
SO - Michael Jones
SR - Alonzo Lane

Anyone remember what happened with Charles Tatum? He would have probably been our senior PG if he had returned? I would have loved to see what Nolan could have done with that team.


Charles Tatum injured his knee during the offseason (I think it was an ACL) and had to miss the entire season. He did come back and play his senior season the following year in 03-04.

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JJ was a guard, but his brother was a forward. Also, don’t forget about Berry Jordan, who left after NR fired. Probably would have had Ferguson, JJ, Andre, Lane and Gomez. Second 5, Davis, Modica, Jordan, Baker and Satchel. I also liked Mukubu.

Yeah, you are right. I just remembered he was a very good rebounder. He was our 2nd leading rebounder as a freshman. I remember, at OH St, he was also a big rebounder. In fact, his last 2 years there he was their 2nd leading rebounder. He must have played more wing as a 3rd guard here and there.

Yeah, his brother, Jared played a few years later and was much bigger than JJ.

I didn’t think Nolan was recruiting Monica, for whatever reason.

Harley, that team wouldn’t come within 30 points of Nolan’s better teams.

Ferguson was a late Heath recruit, he wasn’t Nolan.

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