one of Clay's duck hunting buddies

just had twins with his wife Jess. James McCann has moved to Franklin and now has twins to take to spring training in Lakeland. Mom is doing great and babies are doing well, just a little early. No place better than Vandy for babies. James looks great and sounds ready to go. He also is hoping for a FB coach to be named this morning.

Interestingly he has met Lance Parrish who also lives in Nashville and made some conversational talk. 2 of my all time favorite catchers!!! James married well and they chose Franklin to split the difference since Jess is a Campbellsville KY native.

Congratulations to the McCanns!

I’m happy for the McCanns, although this news kind of has me nervous. James and Jessica were due nine days before my wife. I don’t think we are prepared for our baby to come this early.

you better throw that word prepared out of you vocabulary when it comes to kids.

As a father of 29, 26, 26 and 22 - life comes at you hard and fast when it comes to kids and surprises are a norm.

But parenting is also the most rewarding thing you will ever do in your life.

Yes, twins Christian and Kane are nine weeks early. The boys will be in neo natal ICU for a few more weeks while they develop. So far, so good with all four (James, Jessica, Christian and Kane). But pray for the four of them because it’s a stressful time.

By the way, James is working out daily with Logan Forsythe, another resident of Franklin. Logan married a Nashville girl. Those are two hard workers and make for good partners in the batting cage and throwing.

James moved from Fayetteville three weeks ago. The idea was to be fully unpacked well ahead of the arrival of the twins. So much for being fully unpacked. Jessica is from southern Kentucky and so this was a way of putting her closer to family for the spring and summer when James is going to be busy.

Jessica traveled with James for the last three seasons, seeing everything. A couple of veterans told them to enjoy it before the family arrived because it won’t be so easy for a few years. So that’s what they did.

James told me in October that he’d decided to skip duck hunting this year. I can’t wait until we can take Christian and Kane to the duck woods in a few years. Those boys couldn’t have better parents. I mean that.

James sent me pics tonight of mom (Jessica) and dad (James) holding Kane and Christian. They get to hold them one hour each day. You have never seen bigger smiles. I won’t post them here out of respect to Jessica and James. They can put pics on Twitter as they see fit. I am so happy for them. Those folks at Vanderbilt hospital are treating all great.

Christian and Kane have gained considerable weight. Both nearly five pounds. Doing well. Might go home soon.

The Tigers and James McCann reached agreement on a 1-year contract to avoid arbitration. He can afford the diapers now: … -264601590