One National Media guy high on the Hogs in 2022

For those of you who don’t know who Joel Klatt is…he’s kind of the FOX version of Kirk Herbstreit…a former QB at Colorado who now is their top analyst on College Football.

During the season, he does a weekly radio show with a local DFW station (The Ticket). I’ve heard him several times and - to be honest - I’ve never been that impressed with him.

Anyway, here is his “Way too early” top 10 for 2022:

Brett McMurphy formally of ESPN and now the Action Network has Arkansas at 15 in his early 2022 preseason poll.

And Sports Illustrated has us 9. We’re getting blown up on defense.

So I think it’s all KJ Jefferson. Right all you naysayers. LOL

thespun. Sports Illustrated

I can see top 15 but not top 10 we got way too many holes to fill on defense to be that high IMO, love we are getting some recognition though… been so long we were irrelevant it feels good to actually be talked about in a positive manner

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Hogs fans singing the blues and media talking us up big time, how much stranger will things get. The media is looking at our coaching staff and the ability they have to get every ounce of fight out of the players and we have a team unity that was missing way to long. Looking forward to next season already, especially since we ended season with a big bowl win. WPS

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Please shore up D losses and make it so

I agree we have defensive holes to fill…but I also have faith in Sam. We had holes on the d-line to fill coming into this season, and lo and behold three dudes came along in the portal that ultimately started. Who knows who we will bring in? Just because we were all upset at some key players transferring out doesn’t mean we may all be rejoicing at some potentially key players transferring in!

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Absolutely I have faith we will get some adequate if not better replacements… the portal taketh but it can also giveth and that’s what I expect us to do


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