One narrative destroyed last week

That Florida bowls didn’t want us because we don’t bring enough fans. We brought as many as Penn State did, maybe more. And as far as I could tell, we took our allotment and also bought a bunch of seats in the general public areas (including the two occupied by SF and Son).


Tampa guy sitting beside me knew Hogs would come. He said they came early, too. A big deal.


What was our allotment? BTW from the TV view it looked like the stands were pretty full. Now when I heard that the attendance was 47k (not sure) but several thousand short of a sell-out. And that White out by Penn State how did that work out?

There were a lot of white shirts in the PSU section at field level, but they kinda got overwhelmed by empty red seats around them (all seats at RJS are red except for the club section where I sat, which was black seats). There were a few white shirts in the east club area, but more people in red.

Attendance was 46ish in a 65,000 seat stadium, which was close to my eyeball guess (not being able to see the upper deck behind me).

I thought the announced attendance looked very accurate to me

Good crowd. There were spotty empty seats, but since all seats are red, looked like a Razorback crowd for sure.

Penn State fans did wear white and in three or four full sections, it looked ok. Not great. An entire stadium of white is impressive. A stadium with 40 percent white isn’t all that impressive. I’d say 30 percent Arkansas. 30 percent Penn State. 10 percent local, 30 percent empty.

I’m glad we finally got a chance to play in the Outback Bowl. They just never seemed to show much interest in us before when we’ve had a good team, though I know the list of other teams available for a spot plays a role in that.

Maybe they will be interested in us again sometime.


Penn State might, maybe not…

I think the key to a good turnout at any bowl game is not to play there too often.

It seems like the Outback Bowl has long been geared toward choosing SEC East teams or teams from Alabama, although that seems to be changing. Arkansas, Ole Miss and Mississippi State have played in three of the last four — all first-time appearances.


I didn’t really pay close attention to fans in the stands but it sounded like a very big pro Arkansas crowd from what I could tell…very distinctive roar every time we did something…


I don’t think even one of the 11 PSU fans that i sat with realized it was supposed to be a white out and all thought it was a silly thing to attempt at a bowl.

We were there and I agree that it looked about same number of fans from each school. I met several PSU fans at the New Year’s Eve parade. They were class fans……proud of their team but also praised our team.

They have a great fan base. They are getting a little antsy.

This and distance.

Fans are more likely to attend local bowl games even if they’re back-to-back or just a few years apart.

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The problem is there are no bowl games at War Memorial, er Arkansas; or even OKC or Tulsa. Sure, there’s one in Memphis, but that place su#$%.

Local…Memphis no thanks

Florida…8 days a week

I’m glad we got rid of Shreveport. That’s even worse than Memphis. So is Birmingham.

Try getting 20-30 thousand fans to Fla every other year. Once every 6-8 years maybe.


I think you might be surprised, RD. This fan base is so hungry for a consistent winner, and who wouldn’t want to spend New Year’s in Florida? There are a lot of Hog fans, with waaay more money than me, that will travel wherever…as long as the Hogs stay relevant.

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The Birmingham Bowl took a bit of a step forward this year by moving out of Legion Field and into the new UAB stadium.