One more thing on Nick Smith's eligibility

Last night, the ABC affiliate in Little Rock, Channel 7, had a segment on this. It was a segment on their “7 on your side”, where they do investigative reporting on behalf of their viewers who have requested help.

Basically, they took some credit for getting Nick’s NLR eligibility approved. They showed an interview with Nick, his mother, and her boyfriend/husband? Their reporter also interviewed/talked to the 2 supervisors (or their representatives) who finally approved his eligibility. The reporter said that the day their investigation was completed, the 2 school districts’ supervisors approved Nick’s eligibility.

Nick and his family said that “Central” (I’m assuming that was Little Rock Central HS), also filed a complaint with AAA that Nick had been recruited by NLR.

The Channel 7 reporter also said that AAA refused to cooperate with them in their investigation.

Nick said full story will come out. Cadance Smith has tweeted that Sylvan Hills never filed a complaint and NLR basketball coaches didn’t do anything wrong?

So, who filed the complaint? Central?
Why were the two superintendents (NLRSD and PCSSD) holding up signing the forms? Or was it just one of them?
And to begin with, who was responsible for not getting signed disclosures from the two outside trainers that worked with Nick?

Someone or multiple people were responsible for putting Nick through this unnecessary trauma. Hope the full story comes out as Nick says.

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Ya when will the full story come out!? Something stinks. I think it’s fine that so much money is involved in the game/recruiting these days and it’s better for that to be out in the open legal and transparent with NIL and OTE type of developments because it’s a big problem when this kind of greed and jealousy incentivizes shady behavior and especially when it embroils public institutions such as public schools and the AAA Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this because crap like blackmail is illegal period. What took so long for these school officials to sign the document and why won’t the AAA cooperate with the media? These are public institutions the taxpayers have a right to an explanation. Did they follow through with the legislative hearing in LR or did they drop it after nick got his eligibility back?

Last I heard it was pushed back to Nov 16. Not sure if it’s still on or not.

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