One more thing on Morris

I liked the hire and think ultimately he’ll be successful. I’ve been amazed at how well they’re recruited given how low the program sunk under the last bunch.

He’s a hard worker, his offensive philosophy is what we need to be successful, and he strikes me as a guy that can make the hard decisions when needed.

The naysayers are out - heck even some long time posters on this board called for him to be fired after the CSU game- and I’ll defend him against those folks. Even if we finish 1-11 he’ll have my support & think he needs a minimum of three years before a winning record should be expected.

While I don’t like him not traveling with the team for road games it doesn’t mean I don’t support him overall. It’s a criticism of one decision. We as fans need to be supportive while also having a questioning attitude about the program. Blind, unconditional support is not healthy and leads to group think and that’s never a good thing IMO.

I’m not going to post another word about the travel issue - said my peace ( and then some!) and he’s stated his reasoning for fans that have questions about it.

Jackson, you and I haven’t always agreed on everything and we don’t agree on this travel issue. That said, I know you support CCM and are overall positive about the approach. I, for one, have never questioned that. 'Nuff said.

Recruiting is the only way to save this program and that starts with recruiting Louisiana, Texas, and the SE US. There is no other coach than I know that has a better Texas network than CCM and that we could afford. You add in Traylor who is another Texas HS coaching legend like CCM and that is a powerful recruiting pipeline into Texas. Not to mention that both of those guys are deep in East Texas which has talent with the best upside potential and more likely to come to Fayetteville.

Then you add in Chavis and Cooper who have good Louisiana connections and Houston area connections from their time at A&M and LSU. HS coaches know who Chavis is and will open the door with a smile. CCM has a good history and lineage from his time at Clemson, working with Deshaun Watson, and recruiting the SE US. Chavis has such a household name that he will open doors all over the SE US.

We have some selfish fans that are wanting to fire CCM on social media after the second game. All that Fire CCM talk is doing is impacting our current commitments and those that are about to commit. We better hope this coach is successful because I am not feeling good about our program if we run him off. Good luck getting into any HS in Texas because CCM is a legend in Texas HS FB.

I know a lot of fans that desperately wanted Gussiah that are quick to attack Chad Morris. I have asked a few of them why they are so quick to turn on a guy that has some connection to Gussiah, and an average response is that Gussiah using us to force AU to pay a massive contract has pissed off the AU fanbase. It is a smoldering ember waiting to be fed by the first mediocre season or 2 or 3 loss stretch. They think Gus will come here in 3-4 years. Uh NO, I am not interested at all in Gussiah after flirting and using us. I am quite upset that they don’t want CCM to succeed so that the bed will be warm for Gussiah in 3+ years. Wow.