One more thing about the ladies

Chelsea Dungee was openly bitter about not winning SEC POY. There was an article about how she was going to take it out on everybody on the floor.

I think it adversely affected her play. She seemed to be rushing and forcing some things. I know they play fast, but early on we just looked frantic.

Chelsea normally plays better with a chip on her shoulder. Seems to me that OM had a very good defensive plan and we couldn’t come up with a solution. But we did also miss open shots when we had them that we don’t normally miss.

CMN was concerned about OM length. In watching the game, it looked like a bad match up. Their length was an obvious problem.

We had just beaten OM on the 19th so what happened then was fresh on their minds and this defensive plan appeared to be (and was) a solution. We scored 84 on them the first time. We wouldn’t have scored 84 last night if we’d played three overtimes.

Last night was a bad night for me. The local high school girl’s team that I support lost to the Park Hills Central Rebels in the district championship game by 12 points. Two weeks ago they beat those same Lady Rebels like a big base drum. The PHC Rebels btw, wear Ole Miss colors and even that hideous old Colonel Rebel logo on their unis. There are advantages in the rematch to teams who lose the first game. I think that played out in both games.

Swine is right. We never made them pay for basically allowing their best player to roam free inside the paint on defense, clogging up driving lanes. Other teams will now try that…so we better work hard on the little interior passes we needed to make and score the ball from last night…or we are just gonna keep seeing that.

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