One more thing about Colgate

I was impressed by their sportsmanship

I noticed several times when there were collisions, their guys would reach down and help up our guy, even when the foul was on them.

You could tell they respect the game.


I noticed the same thing Doc. Seemed like some really good young men. Tate and JD were talking with some of them during free throws and you could tell they were all having a good time.

Stark contrast to that LSU bunch.


Well…not to state the obvious…but they go to school at Colgate. Its a fantastic institution. Not that there aren’t jerks everywhere…but you can’t just be a thug, skip class, get money from a booster and play ball at Colgate (not comparing them UofA…but definitely some schools we play. alot…Auburn cough cough…).

But y’all are right. Those kids were class. And some awesome basketball players too.


Preach Jim!

I noticed that, too. One doesn’t have to be an ass to be a competitor.

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