One more Muss note

While we are ecstatic about what he’s done in his 2nd year and our 8th ranked team, highest in 26 years; remember he had Nevada up to #5 in the AP poll, their all time highest ranking. The year before he arrived at Nevada they won 9 games I think. Two programs, two top 10 teams in 6 years of college coaching.

The guy can just flat out coach.


Good observations, and he can indeed coach.

The good thing for us is he didn’t come here to win 20 games a year, or get us into the top 10, or break our sweet 16 drought. Those goals are a means to an end…

He’s here to see a banner hung in BWA next to the one from ‘94.


Yes he can coach and everybody can see that, can we pay him enough to keep him??

I think we can pay him enough. WILL we is yet to be answered.

Yeah that’s true, to keep him we will have too

HY has said that’s been discussed between the 2 men for off-season negotiations. Right now Muss just concentrating on taking care of business this season.

Those that have been to his practices say he is a “taskmaster.” That equates to demanding, tough and on point. That is exactly what you want as a coach.

When you watch his teams, the simplest thing that expresses what he gets done is to say his teams “look coached.” And, in fact, they are coached well.

He is able to make major adjustments in the flow of a game. He understands late-game situations and he understands both ends of the floor. And, to top that, he knows what he’s looking for in talent and gets them.

Good things are in store for Arkansas fans.


Right on Clay. Muss makes the adjustments on the fly. As he stated he makes adjustments with offensive sets they never even worked on, but the players follow his instructions and worked great.
That’s trust both ways between players and coach.

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It is amazing to watch this team and for Muss to call plays for the hot hand. Tate scores four points in the two previous games and then 22 against A/M… that would be a random occurrence for most teams but not a Muss coached one. If they don’t pay him quickly to the upper third of the SEC coaching salaries, he can write his own ticket to a lot of teams around the country and get a lot more.

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