One More Game to Go

Then the real season starts. Will this team be ready? They are certainly more ready than the team was a year ago. If TB were here, I would feel confident. I love how they play. I love their effort (that was the big thing I noticed in Maui). They sure seem to enjoy playing with each other. They seem to be really starting to get Muss and realize that the guy knows basketball.

How is LSU by the way? I have not heard much from them. I assume they have plenty of talent? I guess I should pay more attention to the rest of the league, but really I only pay attention to The Hogs and perhaps the next team up.

Going to be a ride. Hope it is a good one. I do like the fact that this team has played a lot of games away from BWA. They were not true road games, but they did involve travel and all that entails.

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They are 10-1, not sure how their schedule ranks but they can be good.

Here is the roster

And the top scorers are

Team Box Score
No. Player Total 3-Point F-Throw Rebounds
12 WILLIAMS, KJ 10-10 314:22 31.4 74-135 .548 18-37 .486 20-25 .800 32 49 81 8.1 25 0 10 18 10 16 186 18.6
44 MILLER, Adam 10-10 335:50 33.6 45-114 .395 26-77 .338 23-28 .821 0 19 19 1.9 16 0 13 21 2 6 139 13.9
3 HILL, Justice 10-10 280:55 28.1 32-97 .330 8-34 .235 14-22 .636 4 14 18 1.8 10 0 42 14 0 14 86 8.6
1 HAYES, Cam 9-1 156:55 17.4 24-46 .522 10-23 .435 12-16 .750 1 19 20 2.2 15 0 16 11 2 7 70 7.8
20 FOUNTAIN, Derek 10-2 194:08 19.4 23-33 .697 2-2 1.000 21-30 .700 20 29 49 4.9 26 1 5 12 4 16 69 6.9

KJ Williams is leading the team at 18.6 AV
Adam Miller is AV 13.9
Justice Hill is AV 8.6 (Little Rock)

LSU is two points from being undefeated, but they’ve also had a lot of close games at home against mediocre opposition. Beat Wofford by 3, ASWho by 9, UT-Arlington by 4, NC Central by 10. Best win was a two-point neutral site win over Wake Forest, which is #92 on Pomeroy (LSU is #74).

Justice Hill is averaging 8.6 points for them and leads them in assists. I know a few people in Arkadelphia who will be cheering for the Corndogs that night.

KJ Williams can be a monster, would take him in a heartbeat and he probably starts for us.

We have the talent to compete with anyone and the only draw back is the youth factor and that will be that way until they mature. We will win and beat some very good teams before we get to the seasoned team that one day we will become. The sky’s the limit with this bunch and we will be tough come March hopefully. The thing is this will become a reoccurring event each year if Muss can get the best recruits. We know there are several players on this team that will not be back next year and we start all over again next season. Basically we are going to mirror what Kentucky is doing, only difference is we have a better coach in my opinion. WPS

Yep. Now the grind begins! I think we are more than ready, but we must stay healthy. we’ll sure miss Brazille…

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