One more, but the last from me, reason we lost.

Our bench, which usually comes up big in home games, was 0-10 FGs and 0-5 3s. They did contribute 5 TOs and 9 fouls though. I don’t think Mike gave Chaney any minutes in the 2nd half? Not sure what was up with him only getting 5 minutes total for the game.

However though, I will give Gabe props for 8 big boards.

Gabe made some horrible decisions in the first half. He sure likes the 3. He doesn’t know his role yet!
Sills just had a bad game.
They don’t know or understand how to finish. Adrio on a fast break can’t finish a layup. Gabe threw a dying duck intended for Gafford and it was a turnover. Joe trip and fell while the inbounds pass was in the the air to him and he threw the to Florida.
They scored and Gabe didn’t jump he held his arms up and let the Florida player shoot over him. Mr take charge got called for blocking alright. K. Allen walked in the middle of the lane and it wasn’t called and he passed out to a teammate for a 3 point basket. There’s plenty more.

MA said he sensed frustration from Chaney. He didn’t seem to play well when he was in there.

As bad as we played, once again, it was free throws that were the difference in this game. Until we can improve in that category, we are going to continue to struggle in close games.