One minute into the game

Well Bama has failed at the charity stripe 11/21.

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Two missed FT’s by Jones, not looking good for Bama

And Jones just missed 2 free throws that might send them home!

They live and die by the 3 and they are paying for it in this game. It will take a miracle now for them to just get to OT.

If I was jones, I’d fake hurt and get a btr FT shooter to take shots.

WOW!!! He hit it

Wow what a lucky shot by Reece.
Old Man Mo is now with Bama.
I hope they play until tomorrow morning.

OMG, yes, OT!!

Advantage Bama…

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He would have been on the snout at BWA

Just a stinker of a game for Herb Jones. Not sure I want him handling the ball in the OT. Dude has been awful shooting the ball from anywhere today.

Yes, Momentum!

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Horrible defense by UCLA on that last play

Yes it was! I just hope they play a bunch of OT’s.

That shot may propel Alabama to the final 4
UCLA is stunned

they didn’t look stunned on that 3

Bama looks stunned

FT could be a prob for Bama…

Not by the way this OT has started.
Bama missing free throws and jacking up bricks from 3 they are toast.