One minute into the game

And Herb Jones already has two charging fouls for Bama. Guess the refs didn’t get the memo from Birmingham.


Gonna be a good game looks like.

Westcoast darling against a deep south team, I imagine the pressure and money is decidedly against Bama. Need those TV sets from the C-State of California.

Pretty much a carbon copy of our game against a double digit seed. We’ll see if Bama can come back like we did. Bama was a 7 point favorite

Seemingly the Elephants are playing tight, left a lot of points at the free throw line. We will see what kind of adjustments the great Nate Oates makes, I am biased, but I would feel better with Muss pulling the strings.

I agree. I would rather have Muss making mid-game adjustments.

UCLA beating Alabama at its on game, so far.
Question is, can all this 3 pt shooting hold up?

If Bama doesn’t get its act together it doesn’t matter. We’ve seen they can get rattled.

Bama is back in it. Only down by 2 early 2nd half.

FT gonna be key rest of game, Bama is like 5-12 last I heard.

Just as I say they Bama misses 2 but gets put back, lucky.

I don’t like the Scum or UCLA. So who do I want to win? :thinking:

Maybe they can play 10 OT’s and end up with a 1 on 1 game.

I guess that’s the reward for being a 2 seed. If Bama wins they won’t have to play the 1 seed Gonzaga in the elite 8.

Bama would play another team from the PAC 12 I think the winner of the Oregon and USC game. If they win. They have continued to blow chances to score late and extend the 1 point lead. Nope I’m wrong they would face Michigan.

No, Oregon/USC winner gets the Zags.

I think the winner of this game gets Michigan

I can’t believe I’m rooting for Bama…

But I am.

Correct Bore

So am I,

Like to see and All SEC Final