One might come off the commitment list

RB Chase Hayden plans to officially visit Michigan this weekend. He will no longer be counted as a commitment if he takes the trip, but the scholarship and opportunity would still be there for him to be a Razorback.

Just a reminder, Arkansas was in contact with Travis Etienne of Jennings, La., Darrian Felix of Fort Myers, Fla. and Kennedy Brooks of Mansfield, Texas before Chase committed.

The Hogs have a commitment from RB Maleek Williams.

Somewhat saddend concerning Chase H.yet excited about Maleek W. Thanks, R D wps

Richard - was this one of those things where we said that if he visited any other schools that we wouldn’t consider him a commitment?


This makes me sad. He seemed so locked in on Arkansas.

We’ll know more soon.

I’m just relieved this possible visit may happen in SEPTEMBER as opposed to JANUARY :slight_smile:

I give up on posting a tweet, lol.

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I tried, or thought I did, lol. Every other board you just paste your tweet link and it shows up, but thanks for the tutorial.

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I did, maybe there was a space in there when I posted it. I didn’t think there was.

This says it all. Young men don’t understand what “commit” or “decommit” means. I’m all for him wanting to see Michigan if that is what he wants to do, but my gosh, own it. Choosing to check out another school is not firmly committed. He should understand that.

Chase, tell your girlfriend you don’t want to break up with her but you want to go on a date with this other girl just because and let me know what she says. If she is ok with it (which is highly unlikely) rest assured she will be looking for someone else, too!

So he didn’t decommit, but we will decommit him if takes an official visit anywhere?
I think we may be jumping the gun a little early on this kid. But I guess if AR says the scholly is still available for him throughout then no big deal. But that doesn’t make much sense either to call him decommitted then.

That’s what I asked earlier. We have one committ who is taking visits, and the coaching staff is letting him. This kids doing it and we are decommitting him. Makes no sense, unless they’re scared he’s not 100%. This is a good way to run him off though.

Each situation is different, some guys tell you up front that they are committing, but will take some visits, others you say, don’t commit unless you are completely shutting down your recruitment.

Again, WHY? Does it mean the coaches don’t believe he’s a 100% or that another school would be better?

If you allow or deny one, you should allow or deny the other one.

No, not really, everything isn’t black or white, each situation is different.