One Main Point From Yesterday

I think this sums up the whole deal. SC lost 3 Olinemen. They put together what they had and played the game. That Oline for the most part pushed our defensive line around and protected their QB. Our Oline could not block anybody and nearly got our QB killed. That says it all.

I watched their Oline play closely (did not want to spend much time watching the mess in white). The replacements looked like Olinemen and they played like Olinemen. Of course, they were playing a defense who has proven they cannot stop anybody, but still they did their job.


I think the most disappointing aspect for me…was the two programs were a reasonable facsimile of one another.

One accepted the challenge and prevailed. The other foundered and provided an embarrassing performance.

their OL coach is further along the learning curve than ours…