One less SEC bowl team ahead of us

LSU takes the “high road” and imposes 1-year bowl ban.

SEC Shorts is going to have a field day with this.

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Those Tigers are just full of integrity.

It’s another “strong assed offer”…

Its about to get really bad:

Yep. Reading the comments does have me laughing. Some said fire O. Really? I think maybe these fans are already pass the NC last year. It never fails to surprise me how fans turn on a program just that quick.

A lot of the stuff in the linked thread from tiger droppings reminds me of stuff said during the coaching follies at Arkansas from Houston Nutt going forward. The number of people on that board who want to file Ed O less than a year after he won a national championship is pretty amazing-and perhaps an indication of the serious trouble LSU’s has with the NCAA and elsewhere.

I was just going to comment on that. WOW. That is amazing. I didn’t think Coach O was a good hire, but he did when it all LAST YEAR. Just wow.

IF they do let him go maybe Vandy will pick him up. :sunglasses:

Wow, if they let Coach O go it could be a record. I can’t remember, but it seems like Chizik stuck around for two years.

Hero one day, Chump the next day.

Do you think they know what is coming? LSU is a swamp creature -

This is not going to happen, but here’s my alternate universe thinking for the day:

I say, force them to play in a bowl game against a much better team as a punishment. Getting straight molly-whopped by another program 53-13 would hurt them and the program a lot more than a convenient bowl ban in a season where they stink.

Wonder if they were 10-0, would they be so righteous???

Not just no, but HECK NO.

Easy to give yourself a bowl ban in their situation. Yes, they would get to go this year, but for the most pair, their fans couldn’t go and it would be a unimportant bowl.

Considering that teams are voluntarily sitting out the postseason this year for health reasons, this self-imposed “sanction” is laughably feeble.

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