One in the book

Score wise exactly what I expected. The good was running backs ran and blocked very well. Especially up the middle. Couldn’t flank them all night. The not so good, passing game looked not so good. Allen held ball too long, receivers got little separation. Threw one pick and it should have been 2. Probably didn’t show much for TCU to have on film. Pass blocking still suspect. Threw nothing down the field. No deep balls. Defense looked ok but teams will be able to run the ball on us up the middle. Fair pass rush but once again I’m sure we were plain vanilla. Hope pulley is ok. Sure will need him. Thought Agim and Guidry played well. Lots of work to do especially in the passing game. Hayden, Whaley, Williams, and Hammonds will be fine. Disappointing Wallace gets replaced. A win is a win. Miami beat them 70-3 last year.

The late shuffling of the offensive line should have prompted concern from everyone. It is not a good sign.

I don’t understand how Brian Wallace can’t see motivation to play for an NFL paycheck. He has all the tools but no desire it seems. A very sad situation but it’s not too late to turn it around. I would kick his butt if I was his Dad.

He needs for the light to come on soon and the Hogs need for his light to come on, before his future becomes the past. WPS

The one thing you can’t hide in the offensive line is foot speed. If you don’t have the ability to move your feet, you are going to get beat on the edge. I see that as being the issue with Brian Wallace. He’s got the body, but foot speed seems to be the issue. I wouldn’t think it would be knowledge at this point. Johnny Gibson just had better feet.

Maybe Wallace will get the message and try to get himself moving a little faster. I would assume that they know what they’ve got and had to make the move. There had been talk among the players about how well Clary has done, but I didn’t expect him to be in the starting lineup.

I can’t help but wonder whether Ty Clary starting was a motivational ploy by the coaches. Perhaps they thought Clary at guard and Johnny Gibson at tackle were good enough to get the job done against a team like Florida A&M, but have no intention to do that against the more talented opponents as long as Brian Wallace is healthy.

I watched Wallace after he came in the game. It looked like he played well; maybe a little inspired.

If it was motivational I would think that Wallace would have played early in the 2nd quarter. I assume this is a real performance issue and Clary has opened the door for Gibson to be used for healthy competition the rest of the year. I would not be surprised to see Gibson start RT and Wallace rotate with him.