One heck of a win

Defense was awesome. Desi, Whitt, and Jones come up big but every player that played contributed something. Woooooo Pig

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I agree. When I heard I-Joe was out, I didn’t think we had a chance. TCU is not great, but they just beat a quality Texas Tech team.

Kudo’s to Sills, remarkable shooting today…when needed.

Yes, a good win! I’ll admit they frustrated me in the first half when they didn’t extend the lead when they had several opportunities to do so. Our lack of interior size showed up again, too. Good close out…

Very good team win!

I was glad to see guys stepping up in place of Joe.

Defense was great, offense was great, and we need to work on FT’s and TO’s.

We played with great intensity and wanted the win. GHG

This team will always be susceptible to a big man, but does so many things very well. Great TEAM effort…we’ve really upgraded from past years in terms of execution and doing the little things well.

Does this team have some obvious deficiencies? Of course. But this team also has a win when Mason Jones did not play and now a win when Joe did not play. Also the Hogs basically took control of the game in the first half when Mason Jones went to the bench. That is a sign of a well coached team that absolutely believes in themselves. I know. I know, it is a message board and we need something to talk about, but we shouldn’t waste our time talking about what this team doesn’t have for the rest of the year. Every game we will hear the announcers say it multiple times, stories will be written about what this team lacks ever week, but as Hog fans we should only revel in the fact that we have one of the most fun Arkansas teams in years to get behind and we are about to have a Hog Calling Good Time.


Good post Hogfan.

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