One good thing We're #32

we’re in the top 32 teams.

After the losses some said NIT, NIT.

I think we earned it today.

Any thoughts about this?

Manny, Macon didn’t have good games today. Back in the day we had 5 or 6 players that on any given night could blow up. Manny has been solid as a rock and Macon has been very good. Great at times. Just to have a chance we will need everybody to contribute. It’s the length of NC that will be the problem. I just hope we leave everything on the court. Play good defense and what’s a must is to play together and HIT any open looks.

We only shot 1 3 pointer in the 2nd half. Need about 15 Sunday… AND make them!!. LOL–Knock down the 3’s and we can make a game of it. IMO

What else?

UNC lost to

#13 Indiana–L76-67
#6 Kentucky*–L103-100
Georgia Tech–L75-63
#18 Duke–L86-78
#23 Virginia–L53-43
#14 Duke*–L93-83

Their record is 28-7 OUR record 26-9
Stats UNC Averages 84.9 points per game—FG’s 47.1%–36.6% on 3’s
Ark Averages 79.9 points per game—FG’s 46.1%—36.5% on 3’s

IF I blocked out those names the stats are very close.
NOW 2 or 3 games really hurt our seeding. Or maybe just MU!

Man they like to run. BUT they can be beat. Ky beat them and we had to play in front of 22,000 people. It will not be all UNC fans.

We’re just not a high-volume three-point shooting team. We hit them well when we’re selective about it. Today, SHU was trying to take them away which left openings for penetration and getting the ball to Moses (who also hit one of our 3 treys). Something like 6 for 15 would be a good night from outside the arc and might give us a chance. Along with better defensive rebounding. UNC hits the offensive glass better than SHU.

UNC shoots 36% from outside and 51% inside the arc, and rebounds like 46% of their misses. We have to do something about a couple of those numbers.

Numbers are very close, but UNC also played a significantly tougher schedule to compile those numbers, both in and out of conference.

Well for one thing, the wording of your topic title should have said that we are at least #32. Even on the (off?) chance that we should lose our next game, we might still be anywhere between #17 and #32.