One good thing about the game Saturday

is for the first time I ever recall, the outcome will not be any point of wonder so I will try to just watch and analyze the team and its progress and hopes for the future etc. There will be nothing to worry about as we will lose the game but it actually might be interesting to watch.

The only way Auburn, an SEC team, does not score 50 -75 on rent-a-win AR is that I think Gus likes Morris and may call off the dogs somewhat early. Not sure though his 4th or 5th line players cannot have their way against this bunch.

Luckily, you have to play the game to prove wins/loses. If the Browns can finally win a game, then so can we.


Yeah, I said it. A little tongue and cheek humor for a bleak topic.

I agree and everyone knows the outcome and that is very sad that the program has gotten to this state…

We were told every week last year “We are SO CLOSE.”

Problem is nobody asked what we were close to!

The grim bottom…

Maybe we could get Fred Talley out of jail, he could always run all over Auburn.

I did not know that he was there. I will search for the details.

that is really old news. months ago, I was joking about it, hopefully he is out by now. But I do have fond memories of him running for over 200 yards down on the plains. That dude could flat run to daylight and turn on the afterburners.

Thanks, I do know a couple Auburn fans here that still curse when you mention Talley.

The grim bottom Top Ten is watching our game intently… … s-2018011/