One good thing about getting older is:

you acquire more patience than you had while younger. So I have no trouble just sitting back and watching things work out. I hope we get the right man and it works out well, but since we are at the very bottom now, I am optomistic things will get better soon, how good, who knows.


patience is a virtue but being older means what goes around , does come back around so experience has value, unless you are a defensive coordinator.

I am so old that I have limited time for patience!

ME TOO. Just because I’m moving at a slower pace, doesn’t mean I want my favorite football team’s improvement to do the same.

Seriously, I’d be happy with 5 wins next year and 6 or 7 the following year. Then hopefully we will start throwing in those 8-11 win years. I just really, really hope to never see a 2-10 season again.

I’m with 584. Not that I have a choice, but my available time for patience is diminishing rapidly!