One encouraging sign of improvement in football -----------------

----------------------------- is legitimate discussion about and/or by some of our players of being the best in the SEC at their position. There is no doubt Treylon Burks can contend to be the best receiver in the SEC and country if he truly steps up a notch in his route running, physicality, endurance, etc. Now, Montaric Brown is striving for the same at corner. That may be more of a reach for Brown, but it is refreshing to hear this from a corner at Arkansas because there was no such talk in forever on the Hill prior to this. Catalon is not talking but he could fall into that same category. Henry at tight end could have a break out season. How about Gerald at defensive end finally reaching his potential and staying injury free? Now if we could just get the defensive line to collectively step up bigtime and we might have us a respectible football team, capable of pulling some upsets, and pulling away in the fourth quarter instead of waning away like we have in the past. Lots of if’s but this is all a good sign for us. JMVHO


Yes on all and our depth is so much better than it has been the several years. The new defensive transfers should help us in the line if they live up to the potential, plus the covid seniors are a big for this team. I am cautiously optimistic. K.J. is the key.


Depth is much improved. I think talent is improved inside the depth, meaning the second team is much better than the last few years. That means they are pulling even in some areas of the middle bunch of teams. I do not think overall talent has reached some of the programs, but that you can weather a few injuries. When you get to two deep, then you have to get to three deep. Alabama had a rash of injuries a couple of years ago at outside linebacker. Didn’t bother to lose three or four at the same position. I’m sure it was disconcerting to Saban, but not to anyone else.


Depth is always a concern. By the end of last season, the Hogs ran out of quality replacements. I’m glad to read that the second team is much improved.

Getting us closer to top 50% of the SEC, which would be no small accomplishment. We need to get to high SEC quality sixty deep. We have to look at this: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Texas A&M, LSU, Auburn, Tennessee, and now Texas and Oklahoma. Who do we pass to get in the top eight? We have a difficult road ahead.

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We first have to catch and pass Mizzou, Ole Miss, MissStake, Kentucky, etc. There is no doubt that Mizzou’s greater depth beat us in the fourth quarter of last year. We have to beat all of them first, consistently, and only then can we talk about trying to get into the top eight. At this point, we are the weakest link in any pod discussed, so far, including one with Mizzou.



Sadly true. I believe we will pass five teams and then we have even thicker grass to cut. The SEC is just monstrously good and with Texas and OU added it really looks like NFL Lite.

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Sec Football and specifically Sec West Football is roughly a half-step behind NFL Football.
So then SEC west football is the training grounds for the next step in becoming
an elite athlete as well as the next millionaire.
Quite an accomplishment when put in that arena.
Time to get serious,HOGS!

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on the whole hog podcast, I believe, it was mentioned that our 3rd team DL was Gerald, the Mizzou transfers and the Illinois state transfer.

THIRD TEAM! we’ve had lots of years where we’d have loved that to be our starters, with basically no depth. Now, I don’t think they’ll stay 3rd team, but it does speak volumes about our depth.

and OL is also very deep, finally. and WR, and secondary, and hopefully RB.

not sure about QB or TE. and we need more star power, but man, this is really a tremendous improvement in our depth over the past decade.


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YES SIR, we’re getting there.

Yes, we are and it will get bettah.

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