One bright spot

K. Allen won’t get to play in Bud again. I’m proud of that.

I’ll be glad to not see him, again. I don’t think he was all that great, tonight, but his march to the FT line was enough to beat us since we played so poorly.

If you had told me he would shoot 3-11, 1-9 with 2 turnovers and 1 assist and Fla would shoot 30% from the field I would have told you we won by 20+

I would think that too! The hogs played five away all night. Gabe don’t need to have his hands on the ball until someone else shoots it on the offensive end.
Horrible game. I hope they play better Saturday.

If that’s your one bright spot, then there has to be 2 bright spots.

Gracious, Mason Jones had 30 points (outscored all the other 8 players combined by 9 points) and still tied for 1st in assists. That was only 3 assists, but geez, there were only 8 possible assists as that was all the FGs the other 8 players made. He was near perfect from the free throw line with 12-13 and shot over 50% from the field while hitting four 3s. His only negative was 4 TOs. If we’d just had another player or 2 competing with the same effort (shown by 12-13 FTs trying to drive and make something happen on offense) we’d have won by double digits.