One bit of worry about Macon

Darryl has missed some free throws this year. He was money last year. The look in his eyes is not the same as last year. Have not noticed in any change his mechanics.Just sense he is not as confident. We will need him on the road to close our games.

Maybe it’s just time of year and type of game. He’s shooting 86%, last year he shot 88%.

If the hogs needs free throws late to win I sure want Macon on the line! He’s money at winning time. A couple of missed free throws changes nothing in my mind.
At the same time tonight he came out and knocked a pair of 3’s when we needed them.
Bardford appears to be able to score anytime we need it as well.

Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about Daryl missing a couple of free throws vs. CSUB. He’d missed just five coming into the game and he’s still without question the guy I’d want at the line in a high-pressure situation. Sure I’m not alone in thinking that.

If there is a concern for me it’s his slow starts of late scoring the ball. In the last four games, he’s failed to score in the first half twice (Minnesota, Oral Roberts) and had just 5 on 1/3 shooting Wednesday. The good news is he’s been spectacular in the second half and fallen back into a groove. Arkansas really needs early offense from him in conference play, I think. You’d feel better about the outcome Saturday if he comes out and has a productive opening 20.

But while he’s had those struggles, his passing has been outstanding and I sense he knows he can take over portions of games by finding teammates for good looks. He’s had 5 or more assists in four of the last five games and two 8-assist games this month alone. More impressive: Zero turnovers since the 15:26 mark of the second half against Minnesota (99+ minutes played).

He’s a leader too. Watching how he calmed Hall last night when Hall was about to force a confrontation after a foul was huge in my opinion. This was after we had the two technical fouls for hot headedness.

Scottie, your points are right on. His maturity and leadership, and of course his ability, are vital to us. As many have said, having him on the floor, especially late in a game, gives me great confidence in our ability to hold leads compared to recent years. I’ll never forget that close out against Vandy last year!

please! I’m not worried about Macon…I have no idea what you’re seeing,he has the same look as he has always had…He will be money when it counts down the stretch.

Was talking about this last night with a former college player I was watching with. His FTs are coming in a little flatter than last year, that’s really it. It’s caused a few extra misses but nothing major.

Seems like he went on streaks last year. Middle of conference play was his best streak, if I recall correctly.

I just watched him on DVR again to verify what you point out. I think you are right. I knew there was something different. I zeroed in on the look in his eyes. That probably was not it.