one better than none

good comeback now maybe we can get some momentum going in the right direction

A win is a win and a streak starts with the first one! Get the arms some rest this weekend!

It was a huge win. Could’ve been a disastrous weekend rather than just a poor one. We need to win 7 of the next 9. That’s doable even if difficult. We still have a fair shot at hosting a regional.

At least we have a week to rest some arms.

Don’t like losing 2 out 3 in a series but I would rather the lone win be the last game like today. Rough series, rough week, time for a much needed break
Come back strong.


I agree. It makes no difference in the standings. It’s still basic math, but finishing with the win is a whole lot better for the psyche–fans’ & players’.

I have no idea if physical & mental fatigue has become part of the equation, but it probably has–especially with a shallow pitching staff. We had 3 nice mid-week wins over the past two weeks, but I kinda wish we hadn’t played so many of them. That drive to/from K.C to play a 10 inning game with an already depleted staff had to hurt.