One answer: Bigger receivers

Alabama has played very aggressive technique in pass coverage ever since Saban took over. They hold and push to redirect and slow receivers. It messes up the timing of plays.

If SEC refs are going to accept that, Arkansas has no choice but to get bigger at WR.

Bielema had to be livid with the sequence where a ref blotted out our TD pass with a nonexistent holding penalty, then on third and goal Bama’s DB literally draped himself on Drew Morgan with no call. The same ref was in position to make that call.

Arkansas blew this game with turnovers and a really poorly prepared defense, but it has to be demoralizing to see the refs playing against you too.

The answer to beating Bama is not more offense

It’s DEFENSE and we are so far from where they are we won’t ever get to Atlanta until we have huge improvements

I think if I was rating the problems with this team and the problems with beating Bama, I might rank size of WRs dead last.

We had 400 yards receiving. Many of those yards were from WRs on contested plays.

How many times does a receiver of any size get mugged with no call and still make the catch?

I agree that the SEC refs kiss the ring and have a clear double standard when it comes to Bama but having bigger WRs isn’t going to combat that.

Just about the only thing that gives Bama any type of trouble is a hurry up offense with a running threat qb who can throw a little.

That said, we scored 30 on them, and ended up with 400 yards passing and almost 500 total against them.

I am frustrated watching Alabama manhandle our receivers every season. The penalties won’t be called, ever. The only thing we could do about it is to get bigger at receiver, bigger than their DBs.

The SEC refs won’t call the game the right way, ever.

I agree 100% with notorious PIG